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This page was created to make it easy to find information on City Council priorities and relevant news for citizens. The page features updates on major city projects with links to additional information and details. 
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New - McKinney

National Airport Seeks Private Partnerships
City officials are exploring public-private partnerships at the McKinney National Airport to continue to expand its operations and fund future airport development. Read the story



McKinney National Airport Update

At the City Council Work Session on April 4, the City Council received an update on McKinney National Airport, which included construction and financial updates. View the presentation

Frequently Asked Questions about McKinney National Airport are posted online. Learn about the city’s purchase of the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and other assets, changes and successes since the acquisition. 

McKinney National Airport Earns National Recognition

McKinney Air Center, the fixed based operator (FBO) that provides fuel and other services to aircraft at McKinney National Airport, has been named best in the nation in the 2016 Pilots’ Choice Awards by In addition, the Pete and Nancy Huff Air Traffic Control Tower at McKinney National Airport was named #3 in the Pilots’ Choice Awards.  Read the News Release