Reach Your Peak

Parking Notice 

All motorized vehicles must park in the parking lot, including golf carts and motorized bikes.

Wait Times

The average wait time for first-time visitors and guests to check in is about 30 minutes. Every user has to fill out a waiver and have an account created in our system. You can speed the process by filling out the waiver ahead of time.

There is a second line for members and account holders, though, and for you, entering Apex Centre is a breeze!
  1. Apex Centre Hours

    Apex Centre Operating and Pool Hours

    Find out when Apex Centre is open and when the pools are open for recreation and exercise. Apex Centre hours
  2. Apex Centre Activity Guide

    Apex Centre Activity Guide

    Learn about all the events, classes and activities available at the Apex Centre. View guide
  3. Apex Centre Waiver

    Waiver Required

    All guests and day pass visitors must sign a waiver on the first visit. Waivers for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Get waiver
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