Projects Under Design

Road Construction Projects Under Design
Bloomdale Road Extension
 Bloomdale Extension 072616 Details
  • Extend Bloomdale Rd. from Hardin Blvd. to Community Ave.
  • Design is currently undergoing an alignment study and is scheduled to be completed by November 2016
  • Project Contact - Jason Horn, PE, 972-547-7435

Custer North from U.S. 380 to FM 1461
Custer North from U.S. 380 to FM 1461 Details
  • Reconstruct and widen the roadway to four lanes (ultimately six lanes) and realign the north end at FM 1461
  • The design is planned to be complete in 2017
  • Construction funding has not been budgeted
  • Project Contact - Joshua Cotton, PE 972-547-7423
Hardin Blvd. Lanes 5 & 6
 Hardin McKinney Ranch 072616 Details
  • Widen Hardin Blvd. from S.H. 121 to McKinney Ranch Pkwy. from four lanes to six lanes
  • Widen McKinney Ranch Parkway from Hardin Blvd to U.S. 75 from two lanes to four lanes divided
  • Construction is scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2017
  • Project Contact - Jason Horn, PE, 972-547-7435

Hardin Blvd. Retaining Wall
Hardin Retaining Wall Map. Details
  • Address retaining wall and fence issues on Hardin Blvd. between Palmdale Dr. and Trailwood Dr.
  • Improve southbound Hardin Blvd. sight distance for vehicles turning from Trailwood Dr. onto Hardin Blvd.
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016
  • Project Contact - Jason Horn, PE, 972-547-7435

Laud Howell Parkway

Laud Howell Parkway Details
  • Widen Laud Howell Parkway from U.S. 75 southbound Frontage Road to Trinity Falls Parkway from four lanes to six lanes
  • Design Laud Howell Parkway from Trinity Falls Parkway to Honey Creek (bridge location) as six lanes
  • Design Laud Howell Parkway from west of Honey Creek to FM 1461 / Lake Forest Drive as four lanes
  • The project design is underway
  • Construction schedule to be determined at a later date
  • Project Contact - Nick Ataie, PE, 972-547-7637 
S.H. 5 South City Limits to North City Limits - Preliminary Engineering
S.H. 5 Town Center Details
  • Develop preliminary engineering plans for S.H. 5 to provide mobility and streetscape improvements
  • The preliminary engineering phase is planned to be complete in early 2017
  • Segments will be selected for construction when funding is identified
  • Project Contact - Gary Graham, PE, PTOE, 972-547-7438

U.S. 380 Access Management Study -

Coit Rd. to Hardin Blvd.

US 380 Access Management Study Details
Project Timeline
  • Fall 2014: Data Gathering
  • Jan. - Feb. 2015: Development of Preliminary Plan
  • Feb. 18, 2015: Review of plan by Development Advocacy Group
  • April 1, 2015: Public Meeting
  • April - May 2015: Present draft plan during City Council Workshop
  • July - August 2015: Review of draft document by public, council and TxDOT
  • Spring 2016: The project is currently being reviewed by TxDOT