Director's Column

McKinney Public Works Department

Director David Brown

McKinney Courier Gazette, April 2, 2017

Good Water Stewardship

Every year, the City of McKinney takes account of its water quality, usage and water loss percentages. In May 2014, the city adopted a 12% water loss target as a part of the city’s Water Conservation Plan. In an effort to meet this target, the City of McKinney will begin a 10-year water service line replacement project in April to replace failing copper pipes contributing to water loss experienced by the city.

Director of Public Works David Brown

David Brown

The project will replace nearly 14,500 copper service lines with more durable polyethylene pipe, also known as poly pipe. These service lines represent 54 percent of the city’s 27,000 service connections. 

Current Copper Lines Deteriorating

The cause of the water loss was pinpointed to service line leaks after eliminating other potential causes through research and evaluation. The premature failure of the copper service lines is mainly due to the deterioration of substandard copper material and aggressive soil in the region, which contribute to the average monthly water loss of 23% that is being experienced by McKinney.

Water Loss on the City's Side, Not Homeowners'

Service lines connect the water distribution main located under a street to a water meter for a home or business. In most cases, copper lines are typically found only on the city’s side of the service line, which is between the water main and the water meter. Any water loss in this line segment does not affect water usage billing for homeowners or businesses. 

Street-by-street Progress, About Two Weeks Per Street

Approximately 1,440 copper service lines are anticipated to be replaced each year during the next 10 years. Crews will be working street by street to perform line replacements and take approximately two weeks per street. Through this project, the city is taking a proactive approach to methodically replace service lines suspected to be faulty in an effort to minimize water loss within the city.

To maintain community awareness, view project updates and work schedules on the city’s website. Project information will be provided to targeted neighborhoods with messages on the Nextdoor social media platform as well. Additionally, the city has created a FAQ webpage with information regarding the project scope. Door hangers will be distributed and signage placed to notify homeowners before work begins on their street. 

As always, city crews appreciate residents’ understanding and patience as endeavors to move forward on this project continue.