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Director of Communications & Marketing CoCo Good  

McKinney Courier Gazette, November 19, 2017

2017 Progress Report

Each year, the City of McKinney’s annual progress report serves as an essential communication tool to further the city’s goal of transparency in local government by featuring major projects and vital city information. In keeping with industry trends, the city is proud to announce that this year’s report is presented as a single-page website that graphically highlights city accomplishments in an easy-to-read, succinct format.

CoCo Good

Director of Communications and Marketing CoCo Good

A City on the Rise

The annual progress report focuses on the many ways McKinney is a City on the Rise, from the rapidly growing population and the increase in economic development announcements to the numerous accolades and awards earned by the city. We have really listened to the feedback we’ve received about past reports and applied as many suggestions as possible.

Some may think an annual report is full of numbers and information that isn’t fun to read, but we put a lot of effort into this report to make it easy to understand and give readers an exciting overview of their community that is simple and engaging. It celebrates all the city has accomplished and tells our story well with pictures and illustrations.

The annual progress report can be viewed on the website on a desktop or smart device, but is best viewed in landscape mode. As always, our website offers much more detail on everything mentioned in the report for those who would prefer more extensive information.

"Explore McKinney" with our New Interactive Open Data Portal

Also on our website is the new interactive portal called Explore McKinney that allows businesses and residents to find detailed information about the community through geographic information system (GIS) maps and data.

One such map shows the locations of retail development including new noteworthy restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping centers and stores coming soon to McKinney. Each featured business has either a signed agreement with the city or has submitted building permits for their projects. The map was created after numerous requests from residents to see more of what’s coming to McKinney, and we think the community is going to love it.

A second interactive map allows users to view updates on improvements to streets, drainage, facilities, public safety, grant projects and more that are a part of the city’s five-year capital improvement program (CIP).

Easy-to-access, User-friendly Data 

The Explore McKinney portal highlights the way the city is inventively using its GIS offerings to make data user-friendly, easy to access and consequentially makes doing business easier in McKinney. The data is useful for residents to look at things like garbage collection zones, permitted hunting areas, police beats, bicycle boulevards, hike-and-bike trails and streetlight locations. Moreover, developers can use the new portal to search for data and maps on zoning districts, subdivision information, and traffic volume along main transportation thoroughfares to parcels.

We hope everyone will take a moment and Explore McKinney.