Outdoor Warning System

Early Warning SirenOverview

McKinney's Outdoor Warning System (OWS) is designed to notify residents and visitors of potential hazards, weather and other emergencies. The system is maintained by the McKinney Office of Emergency Management and comprises 25 sirens strategically located throughout the city to sound alerts.

The city may set the sirens off during potential hazards, such as severe weather and other emergencies. The City of McKinney may make the decision to set off the sirens for severe weather based on information received from the National Weather Service and the threat to our community.

The city has never utilized an all-clear as part of its warning process and will not sound the sirens to indicate an all-clear. If the city activates the Outdoor Warning System Sirens, move inside, take cover and monitor the situation via TV, radio or other means. By monitoring the situation, you can make informed decisions and know when it is safe to leave your designated safe room.
Siren 17 located at Carmel Mountain and Silverado  is currently out of service. We are working to return it to service as soon as possible.