Identity Theft

Identity Theft Awareness

Identity theft online
Identity theft is a growing crime that can happen to anyone. The information below can help you educate yourself about how to limit your risk.

The MPD can also bring a presentation to your organization. Contact Detective Tina Malenfant at 972-547-2725 or Detective Melissa Taylor at 972-547-2847 to schedule a time.

If You Have Experienced Identity Theft

McKinney residents who have experienced identity theft can file a report with the MPD. Here is how to file:
  1. Fill out an affidavit
  2. Include all requested information, including any proof that identity theft has occurred. An example of proof might be a letter from the IRS, a collection agency or a credit report from all three bureaus
  3. Bring it to MPD and hand it to the duty officer. A duty officer is available 24 / 7. The MPD will generate a report
  4. MPD investigates
  5. The perpetrator is located or the case is closed

For More Information

You can find more information on the Federal Trade Commission website.