Automatic Disqualifiers

  • A class B conviction within the last 10 years
  • A family violence conviction
  • An incomplete or falsified applicant questionnaire
  • An incomplete or falsified application
  • Conviction of any offense above a class B misdemeanor
  • Currently on probation or under indictment for any criminal offense
  • Discharge from the military under less than honorable conditions including:
    • Any other characterization of service indicating bad character
    • Bad conduct
    • Dishonorable
    • Other than honorable condition

Illegal Drug Use Disqualifiers

  • Admission of illegal use of any kind within three years prior to the date of the entrance exam. 
  • Any illegal use of PCP or LSD regardless of time.
  • Any illegal use of a felony grade substance as defined in the Texas Penal Code or Health and Safety Code, within ten years prior to the date of the entrance exam; to include prescription medication not prescribed to the applicant 
  • Extensive use of any illegal drug will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Factors considered are number of times, length of usage and lifestyle improvements.

Driving Record

  • A driving record that for the last three years indicates the following:
    • Three or more moving violations
    • Two moving violations and one preventable accident
    • Two preventable accidents
  • A DWI / DUI or reckless driving conviction within the last ten years
  • Not able to obtain a class "C" Texas drivers license

Possible Disqualifiers

  • Failure to substantially and properly complete the application forms, including but not limited to; failure to fill in all blanks to an extent that suggests intentional omission or deception, failure to provide notary seals required or failure to attach requested documents unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • History of failure to maintain financial responsibility shown through a credit report.
  • Unstable job history; the applicant changes jobs frequently.