Renew Library Materials


The Library offers automatic renewal of items you’ve checked out.

  • Items you’ve checked out will be renewed automatically (up to a maximum of three times) unless there’s a hold request on the item from another patron.
  • It's not necessary to manually renew items, as this process is now being done for you. You can find the new due date of your checked-out item(s) by logging into your account page in the library catalog.  If you have any questions, please call the Library at 972-547-7323,
  • You’ll be notified by email that the item was renewed automatically unless you’ve opted out of receiving this type of reminder notice. The email notification arrives two days before an item is due.
  • If the item is renewed, its new due date will be two weeks from its previous due date. The email will also show which items could not be renewed and need to be returned by their existing due date. 
  • If you have need of more than three renewals, please call the Library at 972-547-7323.

Library Automated Telephone Service

The Automated Library Telephone Service is being reconfigured for our upgraded catalog and is temporarily unavailable. Please check back for updates.