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Posted on: July 12, 2017

City of McKinney Green Seminar shares tips to save money on irrigation

July is Smart Irrigation Month and the City of McKinney wants to help residents save money by promoting efficient water use. Traditionally July is the month of peak demand for outdoor water use as property owners’ over-water, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers.

On July 18, McKinney Environmental Education will host the Green Seminar: Irrigation 101 for tips and tricks to using water wisely and reduce monthly utility bills.

Automatic watering or sprinkler systems - known in the trade as irrigation systems - deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time. Efficient irrigation systems do the following:

  • Minimize over-watering while keeping your lawn and garden beautiful and healthy.
  • Adjust watering automatically to account for rain and other conditions.
  • Put every drop of water to work by minimizing evaporation and waste.
  • Make maintaining your yard easy and convenient.

Inefficient irrigation systems, or lack thereof, account for up to 50% of residential water waste. McKinney’s Green Seminar: Irrigation 101, taught by Heads Up Sprinkler Co., will teach residents about irrigation sprinklers, smart controllers and drip irrigation. Participants will learn how to improve overall sprinkler efficiency, how to understand and program system controls, save money, save water and enhance landscaping.

The ultimate goal of an efficient irrigation system is to activate only when necessary. McKinney residents can receive up to $150 in rebates for upgrading established irrigation systems installed before 2007 with an ET controller and/or a rain and freeze sensor.

For more information, visit McKinney's Environmental Education Department website.

About McKinney

 McKinney, Texas, is unique by nature. As one of the fastest growing cities in America, McKinney has a current population of more than 168,000. The city was #1 on the list of Best Places to Live in America in 2014, published by Money Magazine. Established in 1848, the city is located 30 miles north of Dallas and is the county seat of Collin County. McKinney offers award-winning schools, a vibrant historic downtown, diverse housing options, a robust economy and a uniquely beautiful natural setting, with rolling hills and lush trees.

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