Legislative Priorities

City of McKinney 2019 Legislative Priorities

McKinney Texas is a world-class city with a booming economy, high-quality business development and amenities like the award-winning McKinney National Airport. 

Recognized nationally as a premier community, McKinney consistently receives praise for abundant employment, excellent schools, low crime, exceptional public safety, overall quality of life and a feeling of community pride. All these combine to make McKinney Unique by nature.

The City of McKinney seeks to promote the following legislative priorities in collaboration with our state legislators.

Intergovernmental Relations Venn Diagram Click for Larger Image

Venn Diagram
  1. McKinney National Airport
  2. Economic Development
  3. Our Home - Our Decisions
  4. Tax Reform
  5. Education & Workforce
  6. Water
  7. Transportation
  8. Elections
  9. Open Government

McKinney National Airport

  • Support efforts to fund a 1,500-foot runway extension at McKinney National Airport to accommodate operational needs and spur economic development
  • Support opportunities to link transportation and land use surrounding public use and general aviation airports
  • Support legislation that provides tools that can be used at the local level to promote compatible growth around public use and general aviation airports
  • Support increased funding to foster airport development for public use and general aviation airports to meet future demands