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2018-2019 Season Support Grants Pre-Application Workshop

The 2018-2019 Season Support grant cycle will begin with a pre-application grant workshop at 9 a.m. on Friday, June 8, 2018. The workshop will be held in Council Chambers, McKinney City Hall, 222 N. Tennessee Street, McKinney, TX. All interested persons are invited to attend.

 If your organization’s primary mission is arts-related and has a 501(c)(3) designation, it may qualify for a grant. Eligible organizations do not have to be located in McKinney; however, all events / projects must be held in the City of McKinney. 

All grant applications must be submitted online via ZoomGrants. Learn more about ZoomGrants. The application portal will open on June 18, 2018.  The application deadline is July 6, 2018.

2017-2018 Season Support Grant Awards

  • Arts & Music Guild
  • American Theatre Organ Society
  • Friends of the Library
  • Junior Players
  • McKinney Community Band
  • McKinney Community Concert Association
  • McKinney Repertory Theatre
  • Melissa Youth on Stage (MYO)
  • Odysseus Chamber Orchestra
  • Ollimpaxqui Mexican Ballet
  • Plano Symphony
  • Youth Ballet of Texas
  • Young Actors Guild


Steps of the Season Support Grant Process

  • Step 1: Attend the Pre-application Workshop
  • Step 2: Fill Out & Submit the Application
  • Step 3: Present Project to the Arts Commission 
  • Step 4: Receive Award Notification Letter
  • Step 5: Receive Grant Funds
    In October 2018, 2018-2019 grantees will receive 70% of the grant award. Under no circumstances will a grant exceed 50% of total project expenses. The maximum grant amount will not exceed $20,000
  • Step 6: Hold Event(s)
  • Step 7: Submit Final Report
    After the final report is submitted and approved, the organization will receive the remaining 30% of the grant award. The Final Report must be filled out and submitted online.

Final Report - 2017-2018 Season Support Grant Award Recipients and Outreach Grant Recipients

A Final Report is required to be completed online within 30 days after your final event.

Outreach Grants

The Arts Commission welcomes a diverse range of proposals. Applications for Outreach Grants are available to organizations whose primary mission is arts related or non-arts organizations with an arts related project. Organizations are not required to be 501(c)(3), but other restrictions apply. The maximum grant amount is $3,000 and is payable on a reimbursable basis. For more information on applying for an Outreach Grant, contact Janay Tieken, Arts Commission Liaison by email or phone at 972-547-7578.

Apply for an Outreach Grant