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Face Mask Policy

In order to protect our community, all individuals (ages 10+) shall wear a mask covering their nose and mouth upon entering the building and shall continue to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while inside the building. Once a patron who is exercising has scanned in, they may remove their mask upon reaching their workout area. Once completed with their workout the member must restore their mask to cover their nose and mouth while inside the building. If a patron is in the building not exercising, the patron's mask must remain in place. The purpose of the mask is to keep respiratory droplets from reaching others to aid with source control. The mask must have enough layering to achieve this goal. We desire to work with those that may not be able to wear a mask or who have a personal restriction/condition that does not allow a patron to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth for any amount of time. We are making a reasonable accommodation by allowing face shields to be worn. If a patron cannot follow one of these options, we ask that those individuals refrain from entering the building. If service is needed, please call the facility, and a member of our Service Team can meet you outside the door. For more information, visit the COVID-19 page.

All Parks and Recreational amenities are open and providing limited services. Check the individual web pages for more information.

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