McKinney Town Center Zoning District

 Facilitating Downtown Land Use Opportunities 

The McKinney Town Center (MTC) zoning district is intended to implement the Town Center Master Plan, which City Council adopted in March 2008. The district facilitates pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use, urban-infill redevelopment that provides for a number of land use opportunities including, but not limited to shopping, employment, housing and business and personal services.

This is achieved by the following:

  • Promoting an efficient, compact and walkable development pattern,
  • Encouraging pedestrian activity
  • Reducing the reliance on private automobiles
  • Positioning the Historic Town Center as a viable transit-oriented development
  • Promoting a more functional and attractive community through the use of recognized and time-tested principles of urban design
  • Allowing developers flexibility in land use and site design.


Is Your Project Eligible for Impact Fee Reduction or Waiver?

New development projects within the McKinney Town Center area may be eligible for Impact Fee Reductions or Waivers. Please visit the Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ) Impact Fee Waiver Program page to learn more.

Contact Matt Robinson by email or call 972-547-2632 for more information.