Effective Monday, April 5, 2021, basketball court access will be open for members only, Monday-Friday.  Day pass users may use the fitness and aquatics area only. Saturday and Sunday, day pass users accompanied by a member may have access to the gym, fitness, and aquatics area.

Find out about current operations policies and amenities.

  1. Silent Yoga

    Silent Yoga

    Find your center with some peace and quiet. Listen to the instructor and music through Sound Off™ headphones during Silent Yoga. Learn More
  2. Summer Camps at Apex Centre

    Summer Camps

    Summer Camps are back and filled with many exciting activities! Learn more
  3. Aqua Barre Class

    Aqua Barre

    Ready to dive into the hottest upcoming trend? Aqua Barre class uses a noodle as a ballet barre for stability. Learn more
  4. ScienceClub_Carousel

    Adventures of Science Club

    Discover the forces of flight by building the zip flyer! Regsister Today
  5. Sea Lions swim team tryouts

    Swim Team Tryouts

    Calling all swimmers ages 5-18! Tryout for our Sea Lions summer swim team on April 17. Tryout
  6. All you need is you - kids life coaching

    Kids Life Coaching

    Help your kids manage their emotions to live a motivated and happier life. Start fresh
  7. SkyhawksLacrosse_Carousel

    Skyhawks Lacrosse

    Find out why lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country! Learn more
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