Physical Ability Test

The Physical Ability Test is based on the EFFIGY CPAT test. There are seven events and the applicant will be required to wear a weighted vest and helmet during events #2 - #7.

  • Event #1 - The applicant must climb a 100-foot aerial ladder, at full extension, touching the top rung with one hand. This portion of the test is not timed.
  • Event #2 - The applicant must climb the drill tower steps a total of two times wearing an additional 25 pounds added to the applicant's vest.
  • Event #3 - The applicant will drive a beam (ventilation sled) the distance of approximately 5 feet with an 8-pound sledgehammer.
  • Event #4 - The applicant will drag a 200-foot, 1.75-inch fire hose a distance of 75 feet, make a 90 degree turn and continue dragging the hose an additional 25 feet. The applicant will drop to at least one knee and pull 50 feet of the hose into a marked box.
  • Event #5 - The applicant will remove two saws from a cabinet, carry them 75 feet and return them to the cabinet.
  • Event #6 - The applicant will lift a 24-foot extension ladder from the ground and walk it to an upright position; the applicant will extend and lower the fly section of a 24-foot extension ladder.
  • Event #7 - The applicant will drag a mannequin 35 feet, around a drum, and back to the original starting point. :