Start Service - Residential

Start Residential Service

Deposit, Fees, Changes and Same Day Service

The City of McKinney bills monthly for water and sewer, and, if inside city limits, trash and drainage.

Start Residential Service Form


  • $75 regular deposit - refunded after one year of prompt payments or when the account closes
  • $30 initiation fee
  • $20 same-day service - application must be submitted by 10 a.m.
  • $75 high-risk deposit (if applicable)

Document Requirements

  • Renters: A lease is required before service will be established.
    • Upload with your application or email us.
    • Must be received at least one business day in advance.
    • All persons on the lease over 18 must be included as occupants on the application.
  • Buyers: We reserve the right to require proof of ownership.

Same Day Service

  • To start service today, the completed application (including lease agreement, if applicable) must be submitted by 10 a.m.
  • Selecting today's start date is not an option; select next available business day instead.
  • Submit application then call 972-547-7550.  Remain on the line to speak to an agent to pay required deposit, initiation fee and additional same-day fee.  Have reference number ready.

What to Expect

  • Confirmation and reference number email 
  • E-bill enrollment: when a bill generates, the amount and due date are emailed to you. A paper statement is also mailed to accounts not enrolled in paperless billing.
  • Water is turned on Monday-Friday, regular business days as late as 5 p.m. (9 p.m. for same day requests).  Please select your start day with this in mind to avoid change or same-day fees. 
  • Ensure that all faucets are closed. If a faucet is open, water will flow a few minutes before it is turned off. You will be notified of open lines and will need to reschedule the connection. The City of McKinney is not responsible for damages.

Changes and Fees

Any change must be emailed by 10 a.m. the business day before the original start date. Include the address and reference number from your original confirmation email. Please do not resubmit a request since the original request may already be scheduled.

  • No charge for the first change if it is received by the deadline above.
  • $40 trip fee if the notification is received after the deadline.
  • $30 service fee for any additional change.