Water Use Violations

Outdoor Water Use

Report a Water Use Violation

To report a water violation, please call the water use hotline at 972-547-7619 or report a water use violation online. If you are contacting us by phone, we must have the following information to investigate the violation:

  • Exact address of the location you are reporting
  • Date of the water violation
  • Time of day the violation occurred
  • Your name and phone number so we may contact you if additional information is needed.


Violating McKinney's Landscape Water Management Plan could result in a penalty. Penalties will be delivered through your regular water bill. Failure to pay the penalties can result in the water to your home or business being shut off. Please call 972-547-7619 for questions regarding water violation penalties.

  • First penalty - Warning
  • Second penalty - $50
  • Third and subsequent - $100
  • Fourth and subsequent - $150

Find more information about City of McKinney water programs under Water / Waste Water or call 972-547-7360