Director's Column

Lori Dees

Environmental Health Manager, Lori Dees

McKinney Courier-Gazette, April 21, 2019

Improving the Quality of Life in McKinney

One of the tasks of the McKinney City Council is to adopt ordinances that apply to all residents of the city. Those ordinances are developed into a simpler version referred to as “The Code.” In an effort to further improve the quality of life for citizens, the McKinney City Council recently adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). IPMC originally created by the International Code Council (ICC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process.

The IPMC is a model code that sets forth minimum maintenance requirements for existing commercial and residential structures and premises which our McKinney Code Services Department administers and enforces throughout the city.


The new codes require that owners, and in some aspects tenants, maintain their property as well as all structures on the property, keeping them in good repair and in compliance with minimum standards. The goal of the city’s enforcement efforts is to bring properties into voluntary compliance, remove blight, stabilize property values, improve livability and reduce crimes fostered by neglected properties.


Code Services has developed a simple Self-Inspection Checklist as a resource for residents to see how your home stacks up to the new code. It is available for download online along with more information about the IPMC and FAQs.

In addition to the self-inspection brochure, Code Services is also sharing helpful tips online about how to avoid coyote encounters, the process for bulky item pick-up, the most common pool safety and health code violations and more. Be sure to follow the city’s social media accounts to catch the latest videos and infographics.

Swimming Pools Safety and Mosquito Management

Speaking of pool safety, as temperatures warm up, it’s time to start thinking about pool maintenance. Proper maintenance of swimming pools, spas, and interactive water features helps prevent gastrointestinal and respiratory disease that may spread due to improperly maintained pool water. Health Compliance is a division under Code Services that reviews plans and inspects the construction of all commercial pools and spas. They also regularly inspect and respond to any complaints about public swimming pools, spas and interactive water features for possible health and safety hazards. Hazards include inadequate life-saving equipment, water quality levels and entrapment hazards. If residents suspect hazards, they should call 972-547-7440.

Pools that aren’t maintained well can also lead to another health compliance concern: mosquitoes. Residents can call 972-547-7447 to report standing water locations and potential mosquito breeding sites.

The City of McKinney understands the importance of a strong Code Services Department that focuses on compliance in the city. The way by which standards are managed and maintained allows for a comprehensive approach to community growth and improved quality of life.