Downtown Parking Studies

Downtown Parking Studies

Every five years, the Planning Department conducts a study of parking in downtown McKinney to evaluate how the area’s parking is serving visitors, employees, and businesses.

2019 Parking Study:

  • Confirms the number of parking spaces.
  • Identifies occupancy rates throughout the week.
  • Determines peak parking times.
  • Analyzes turnover of on-street parking.
  • Recommends strategies for improvement:
    • Utilization of existing parking.
    • Wayfinding for drivers and pedestrians. Wayfinding refers to the ways we figure out where we are and how we get to where we’re going.

Next Steps

The City will be moving forward on the following projects in improving utilization of parking downtown: 

  • Citywide wayfinding study with a downtown-specific component.
  • Parking Rate Study to make recommendations on strategies for managing parking downtown. The study will explore:
    • The state of technology for monitoring parking availability and payments.
    • The rates that could be charged if the city chooses to pursue paid parking.


Past parking studies:

  • Described business owners’ perceptions of parking in the downtown.
  • Evaluated parking-related signage.
  • Considered the feasibility of construction of new parking structures.

Downtown Parking Studies