Park Naming

Sonntag Park

Thank You for Participating!

We have received a number of excellent suggestions from McKinney residents, and will release the name soon.

Submit a Name for McKinney's Newest Park

McKinney Parks and Recreation wants you to suggest a name for the city's newest park. The 16-acre park is located next to Sonntag Elementary School at 1849 Reagan Dr. The park includes a playground, splash pad and covered pavilion.

How It Works

  • Names are considered from completed Municipal Facilities Name Submittal applications.
  • The McKinney Parks and Recreation Advisory Board reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to City Council.
  • City Council considers the recommendation and makes the final decision.

What Types of Names Will Be Considered?

  • Outstanding and/or predominant geographical or physical features of the land including those naturally occurring and those manmade.
  • Outstanding and/or predominant historical features of significance including names of early residents or citizens and/or events of significance to the area's development.
  • In honor of community leaders or individuals living or deceased who have made significant contributions to the community based on excellence or duration of commitment.
  • In honor of a deceased national and/or state historical leader and/or hero.

What Types of Names Will Not be Considered?

  • City or county community leaders or individuals currently serving in an elected or appointed capacity.
  • Individuals currently employed by the city or county.