Roy and Helen Hall

Captain Roy F. Hall was an Army officer and a bodyguard for President Teddy Roosevelt. After retiring from the Army, he became a feature writer for the McKinney Daily Courier-Gazette and McKinney Examiner, writing stories on local history. He also wrote books on the history of Collin County. He served as Mayor of McKinney and was a founding member of the Collin County Historical Committee in 1956. Captain Hall passed away in 1970.

Helen Gibbard Hall was a McKinney historian and a third grade teacher at Fanny Finch Elementary School. She wrote three books on the history of Collin County and McKinney. She was a founding member of the Collin County Heritage Guild and an organizer of the old Post Office Museum in downtown McKinney. She wrote a column for the McKinney Courier-Gazette on the County’s history. She served the public through her vast knowledge of McKinney and Collin County history by fielding questions from people across the country who wanted to know about their ancestors.


The Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library’s current facility, which opened January 19, 2002, was named in their honor on April 15, 2008, two weeks after Helen Gibbard Hall died at the age of 98.