Hazardous Materials - Shelter in Place

Staying at Home

If a hazardous material was ever released or spilled in the City of McKinney, residents may need to shelter-in-place. The air quality during an event like this can make it dangerous for people to be outside or to attempt to evacuate, making sheltering-in-place the best and only option.

Before Sheltering-in-Place

  • Have duct tape, plastic sheeting, scissors and towels in your Emergency Supply Kit
  • Precut the plastic sheeting to the exact size for the room to save time during an event
  • Take the opportunity to refill and update the rest of the items in your Emergency Supply Kit
  • Know where manual vents or central air systems are and how to close them or shut them off
  • Have a designated room. Preferably this would be on the highest level of your home and the most interior. The less exposure to the outside air, the better

During Sheltering-in-Place

  • Go inside immediately after you are aware of the hazardous material event
  • Close windows and doors
  • Close manual vents and shut off central air systems
  • Go to your designated room. Seal the room with your plastic sheeting and duct tape. Use damp towels under doors
  • Bring your NOAA Weather Radio, battery-operated AM / FM radio, cell phone, smart phone, or other communication devices to look and listen for updates and information

After Sheltering-in-Place

When you are told the area is safe, open windows and turn on air systems to circulate contaminated air that may have seeped into your home.