Annual Fire & Life Safety Self-evaluation - Business

Business Self-evaluation

The McKinney Fire Department now offers an annual self-evaluation option for certain businesses. The self-evaluation is less disruptive than a site visit and keeps emergency contact information updated in our records. It educates you on how to keep your business and personnel safe and lowers your risk by creating heightened awareness.

Take the Fire Self-evaluation

What Businesses are Eligible?

Eligible businesses are small, light-hazard commercial businesses of less than 1,500 square feet that do not have a high occupant load. Light hazard businesses typically have a low amount of combustible materials, decorations and content. These include small professional offices, retail spaces and personal service businesses. If your business fits into this category, and you have received a notice from the McKinney Fire Department, you are eligible to perform a self-evaluation. Note that every third year, an on-site inspection will still be required.