Personal Training

Bundle Up This Holiday Season!

Save when you bundle up on personal training sessions this December. Starting December 1 and ending December 31, buy 10 or 20 personal training session and get one free! 

For more information, please call 972-547-APEX (2739).

Reaching Your Peak Just Got Personal

Apex Centre offers one-on-one personal training with one goal in mind - you. Our personal training services are 100% designed around your personal goals, abilities and preferences. A certified personal trainer will work with you to design a program that not only helps you reach your goals but also teaches you how to create sustainable results. 

Whether your goals include weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, or simply learning the mechanics of exercise, our team can show you how. Half-hour sessions are also available.

To schedule your personal training session, email us.

Free Fitness Assessments

Have you received your free fitness assessment? Our certified personal trainers will assess your fitness level and help you set SMART goals toward your fitness success. Sign up at the personal training table or contact Fitness Supervisor Tara Niemann at 972-547-9025 or by email

1-on-1 Personal Training - per session 1 Hour 30 Minutes
1 session $79 $59
5 sessions $69 $49
10 sessions $64 $44
20 sessions $59 $39

Group Training - Two to Four People

Group training includes up to four members that have similar goals and thrive in a team environment. The group will receive personalized instruction from a personal trainer while benefiting from the energy and accountability a team environment creates.

Group Training - 2 to 4 people per one-hour session Fee
1 session
5 sessions $49
10 sessions $44
20 sessions  $39

Boot Camp - Five Weeks

For five weeks, you will experience workouts designed to sculpt your core and body, boost your metabolism and self-confidence and strengthen your bones, muscles and will. Experience teamwork and motivation and reach for new levels.

Sign for our upcoming Boot Camps.

Boot Camp - 5 weeks Fee - Member Fee - Non-member
3 sessions / week
​9 a.m. Mon., Wed., Fri.
$200  $280
2 sessions / week
​9 a.m. Tues., Thurs.
$135 $189

TRX Training - Five weeks

TRX suspension training improves your strength by using functional movements and dynamic positions. TRX suspension training enables you to adjust your body in countless angles to complete as many exercises as possible, challenge your entire body and focusing on your core.

Sign up for our upcoming TRX Training.

TRX Training - 5 weeks Fee - Member Fee - Non-member
2 sessions / week
​8:30 a.m. Tues., Thurs.
$135 $189


Call your personal trainer directly to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Twenty-four-hour notice is required. Failure to show up for a scheduled session without proper notice will result in that session price being deducted from the client's purchased training package. Policies are subject to change.