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The Apex Centre offers many ways to get fit. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, aquatic classes, weight training or 

another way of getting fit, let us know about your successes.

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Stacey Euteneier

Read About Her Journey

Stacey has lost 40 pounds since February!Stacey Euteneier

My journey started in February. After a rough few months of settling from a move across the country, I decided to do something for me again! I’ve always been an athlete and active.

I found the Apex to be a place I could be myself again! After changing my eating habits and making Apex like a second home, I’m getting closer to my fitness goal!

I've lost a total of 40 pounds and I’m so grateful for Apex for giving me the best “me” time I could have each day!

We at the Apex Centre hope Stacey continues to reach her health and fitness goals!

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