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The Apex Centre offers many ways to get fit. Whether you prefer group exercise classes, aquatic classes, weight training or 

another way of getting fit, let us know about your successes.

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Sean Makhani

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I joined the Apex Centre because I was ready to make a change in my life. At first, I had all the excuses in the world. I have two young children and I didn’t have the time to work out and get healthy.

One day, I was finally determined to do it.

The Apex Centre was my answer. It’s close to home and I could bring my kids to play in the playroom. Not only can I work out, but we can have some family fun as well! We love the awesome water park and swimming areas.

The Apex Centre has a great selection of equipment, friendly staff, and an incredible playroom area for our kids.

Getting back into shape took patience, but the process works. With a combination of cardio and weights, working out 4-5 times a week, staying away from junk food, and keeping a proper diet – I hit my goals.

The Apex Centre is THE best place to get fit. It has a great gym and an amazing atmosphere. I always post on Facebook when I work out;I love to promote how amazing the Apex Centre is and how it made me feel great again!

We at the Apex Centre hope Sean continues to reach his health and fitness goals!

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