Leak Credit

Are You Eligible for a Leak Credit?

A leak on the customer's side of the meter is considered the responsibility of the property owner or tenant, including all costs associated with the repair. However, the City of McKinney offers a credit as a courtesy to our customers who qualify. Water loss due to theft, vandalism or negligence is not covered. 


  • Usage must increase on a single bill at least 10,000 gallons above your seasonal average.
  • Limited to one request per address in a 12-month period.
  • Submit a leak adjustment form with proof of repair within 60 days of the repair.
  • To avoid late fees and/or disconnections, payment in full is required until the credit is calculated. See also Due Dates and Payment Extensions.


  • A 30% credit toward one high bill (maximum $1,000 residential, $2,500 non-residential)
  • The credit will be calculated upon receipt of the leak adjustment form.  
    • If you expect your next bill may be higher, you should postpone submitting until it generates.
  • Once calculated, the credit will post within 10 business days.
  • Miscellaneous charges such as service fees, deposits, and trip fees will not be included when calculating the credit.