Plant a Garden

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Help the Monarchs by planting a Butterfly Garden. Planting native milkweed in your home landscape is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Monarchs need a place to feed, rest and lay their eggs during their migration.

Good Soil is the Key to Success

The primary soil type in McKinney and Collin County is Houston Black Clay. While extremely fertile, the composition of the clay makes it difficult to establish healthy soil for landscape beds. It is necessary to alter the soil structure by adding amendments. For clay soils, consider a one-time incorporation of three inches of compost. For more information about amending your soil visit the Collin County Master Gardeners website

monarch on prairie verbena carol clark

Selecting the right plants is important

Here is a partial list of plants that will attract pollinators:

Host Plants for Butterflies

Nectar Plants

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) provides a series of videos to help you get started in creating a wildlife-friendly habitat.