Twitter Policy

City of McKinney Twitter Policy

Twitter pages operated by the City of McKinney are a place where we want to foster positive communication between the city and the citizens. We are excited about sharing information about what we are doing within the department as well as what is happening around our great city. We are also excited to hear from members of our community.

While Twitter pages will not be monitored 24/7, all tweets and replies are read on a regular basis and will remain unreported or a user unblocked if in keeping with the city’s user guidelines. Our user guidelines are as follows:

  1. Responses by the city to any comments from the public are limited to providing factual information or a generic salutation. Moderators will not argue with any person who chooses to engage on this account.
  2. New postings should be relevant, current and appropriate. Keep comments short and to the point.
  3. Do not include personally identifiable information within your post. This would include but is not limited to addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers or other sensitive information.
  4. Do not represent yourself as another person.
  5. The City reserves the right to delete comments and/or posts that fall under the following categories:
    i.    Threats of physical violence;ii.   Blackmail
    iii.  Defamation
    iv.  Obscenity
    v.   “Fighting words”
    vi.  Solicitations to commit crime
    vii. Child pornography
    vii. Incitement of imminent lawless action
    ix.  Plagiarism or infringement of intellectual property rights
    x.   Fraud, or other speech integral to criminal conduct.
  6. Repeat violators are subject to being blocked from accessing the City’s social media pages.