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Are your goals SMART?

We all have fitness goals. Whether it is to physically look better, build muscle, get stronger, jump higher, etc. Clearly defining these goals helps produce the most effective outcome, however the planning stage is grossly underutilized.

This is especially the case in the early months of the new year with many initiated resolutions. According to Forbes, only around 8% of people stick to their newly inspired goals at the beginning of the year, and only 25% stick to their goals after only 30 days.

While intentions are good, data suggests it is not effective. That is where creating SMART goals can help. It provides a tangible, trackable way to progress toward your goals. When you apply this principle while implementing a fitness goal, it can bridge the gap between your starting point and end goal.


Be specific about what you want to accomplish. This is the who, what, when, where, why, and by which means you will accomplish your goal.


What system are you going to use to keep track of your progress? This can be pounds, body fat, a time for a specific distance, etc.


Set yourself up for success. Consider the necessary tools needed to accomplish your goal and make sure your goal is within reach.


Make sure your goal fits within your abilities and efforts from a training perspective. Answer the following questions: Is this worthwhile? Is this the right time? Am I the person who can accomplish this based on my background, limitations, etc.?


Establish an effective timeline. Include baby steps/milestones to create motivation and analyze the progress.

Now put pen to paper or use a SMART worksheet.

Go get SMART with your fitness goals!

-Shane Beach, Certified Personal Trainer

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