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Tired of trying different diets and fads to keep healthy only to be led astray? Learn the best tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy from a reliable source. Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist, Cindy Kleckner, RDN, LD, FAND and our certified personal trainers will be bringing you different health and nutrition tips and exercises each month to help you reach your peak of fitness!

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Weekly Meal Prep Hacks

Life is busy with our days filled with various commitments and responsibilities. From the beginning of the day until the end, obligations such as work, school, sports, family, and personal time compete for our attention.

However, creating a healthy work-life-balance is crucial. One factor we can control is meal preparation.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!

Check out some hacks to reduce time spent in the kitchen:


Menu Plan

Every week we make those less than enthusiastic trips to the grocery store. Prior to grocery shopping, write out a menu plan for that week. Planning automatically creates half the grocery list!

Produce Prep

Dedicate one day to produce preparation. Much of meal preparation is spent washing, chopping, and peeling produce. Do this ahead of time and store them in individual containers or plastic bags.

Pre-select and Cook Grains

Instead of waiting until scheduled dinner time, pre-cook grains earlier in the week. It’s simple to make brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain pasta in advance and store in the fridge for easy access.


A meal does not have to be 100% made from scratch to be healthy. Healthy alternatives can be found at the grocery store without the extra hassle. Look for wholesome pre-made options with simple ingredients and no-added sugar.


Let the freezer be your best friend! Stockpile your freezer with premade dinners such as stews, chili, and soups for busier weeks.

These hacks can help reduce time in the kitchen and add valuable time back to your week. Take back control of your time while being healthy too!

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