The City of McKinney’s Budget Department is responsible for developing and preparing the city’s annual budget to align with the City Council’s goals and objectives. The Budget Department oversees the preparation of the annual budget to ensure it is ready for Council review and adoption each fiscal year. This department is also responsible for monitoring compliance with the current adopted budget.

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Proposed Budget Documents - Fiscal Year 2023

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Budget & Tax Rate Information

(Required by Texas Tax Code 26.18)

Inc / (Dec)
% Chg
Total Budget$585,842,684 $640,996,776 $617,779,390$(23,217,386)
Property Tax Revenue Budget:
Maintenance & Ops$83,207,732 $86,925,487 $92,017,578$5,092,0915.9%
Debt Service37,509,07137,723,07040,517,1682,794,0987.4%
TIRZ 11,443,0371,576,5671,855,607279,04017.7%
TIRZ 2314,055447,230776,854329,62473.7%
Total$122,473,895 $126,672,354 $135,167,207$8,494,8536.7%
Property Tax Rate:
Maintenance & Ops0.3553930.3547110.345517(0.009194)-2.6%
Debt Service0.1602070.1539340.152138(0.001796)-1.2%

(per $100 assessed valuation)

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