Early Flood Warning Systems

Stay Informed and Choose a Safer Route

The city’s Early Flood Warning Systems are installed in areas of McKinney that are historically prone to flooding during storms including Valley Creek Trail, Park View Avenue and U.S. 75 near Towne Lake Park.

The system includes a master site around Wilson Creek to monitor water depth and five flashers to warn drivers of flooding. Once water levels at the master site reach a pre-determined depth, the flashers in the area will activate, warning drivers that flooding is imminent or occurring. Upon activation, city staff will receive email notifications about the status of the water level.

The project will allow residents, emergency responders and public works staff to make better decisions about hazardous conditions and help reduce the loss of life and property from flood events.

Data will be accessible from an online portal to allow users to check the status of the roadway prior to traveling to adjust their route accordingly. The portal hosts similar data from other participating jurisdictions across the region.