Health Compliance

Food protection


Steps to avoid violation food protection: 

  • Use separate containers to store each group: raw, cooked and ready-to-eat foods.
  • Use color-coded boards to avoid cross contamination 

Violation Code #9

246 total in 2018

Hand washing facilities


Steps to avoid violation hand washing facilities: 

  • Keep pathway clear 
  • Must be for hand washing purposes only
  • Must have soap and paper towels ready
  • Must not store utensils, trash or food.

Violation Code #31

242 total in 2018

Food contact surfaces


Steps to avoid violation food contact surfaces: 

The items below must be clean:

  • Cutting boards
  • Ice makers
  • Can openers

Tip – buy new cutting boards for quick fix

Violation Code #32

235 total in 2018

Caring for McKinney’s Food Service & Public Health Safety

Health Compliance manages the food service industry and public health issues, including public swimming pools.

Health Compliance does not conduct foster home or daycare inspections. See Links of Interest below for resources.

 Concerns Health Compliance Addresses

Improve Your Restaurant Score

Avoid these top three violations with our Top 3 Violations infographic.