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14 Plant Varieties

The UPlantIt Pollinator Garden Box includes 32 starter plants sown in 3-inch pots and bundled into a 2-foot x 1-foot box.  Each plant is tagged and numbered to correspond with our professional designs to make planting as easy as possible for your DIY installation.

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Plant Palette

7X2 plants

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1 cenizo

UplantIt Plant #1 Lynn's Legacy Cenizo, kit contains 1.

2 flame acanthus

UplantIt Plant #2 Flame Acanthus, kit contains 1.

3 red turks cap

UplantIt Plant #3 Red Turk;s Cap, kit contains 1.

4 greggs blue mist flower

UplantIt Plant #4 Greggs Mistflower, kit contains 1.

5 Texas Lantana

UplantIt Plant #5Texas Lantana, kit contains 1.

6 Texas Rock Rose

UplantIt Plant #6 Texas Rock Rose, kit contains 1.

7 Monarda

UplantIt Plant #7 Monarda Jacob Cline, kit contains 1.

8 Rudbeckia

UplantIt Plant #8 Goldsturm Rudbeckia, kit contains 3.

9 Henry Duelberg Salvia

UplantIt Plant #9 Henry Duelberg Salvia, kit contains 3.

10 Zexmenia

UplantIt Plant #10 Zexmenia, kit contains 3.

11 Agastache

UplantIt Plant #11 Apricot Sunrise Agastache, kit contains 3.

12 Butterfly weed

UplantIt Plant #12 Butterflyweed, kit contains 3.

13 Coreopsis

UplantIt Plant #13 Coreopsis, kit contains 5.

14 Cedar Sage

UplantIt Plant #14 Cedar Sage, kit contains 5.