I wish to congratulate the Mayor George Fuller and whatever team was assembled from the City of McKinney to assist David Graig of Craig Ranch in the negotiations with the PGA to successfully bring the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament to McKinney, Texas. As a friend of numerous professional golfers back in the '80's and 90's I know very well that the current players of today will love this area and what it has to offer. McKinney area businesses will also benefit tremendously from this decision.

My name is Dominick Cannatelli and I live int the Villas at Willow Grove at 3075 Willow Grove Blvd. McKinney, 75070. We are a gated condo community with 157 units. I serve as President of our HOA and Board of Directors. The Board and I instituted social distancing before it became mandatory. We closed and locked our Amenity Center and pool. Our community is very close knit and here are some of the initiatives our residents have started:*Neighbors Helping Neighbors, this group will do shopping or chores for those who are unable to get out or take car of issues themselves (see attached announcement)*Activities of Hope (see attached announcement to residents)*One resident who is a nurse practitioner volunteered to make masks for anyone free of charge.I am so proud to be serving on this Board with a group of professional, dedicated Board members and to be representing this incredible community.

I work for Next Step Dance in Frisco, Texas and we have started a sponsorship program for dancers within our studio whose parents are facing hardships due to Covid-19. So far we have been able to support 24 dancers to finish their online training throughout the rest of the season. It has been wonderful and heartwarming to see such a great response and knowing that so many kids are able to continue doing something they love during this unusual time.

I didn’t want to brave the grocery store, so I placed an online order. I made a comment in my team meeting that unsalted butter was out of stock. My Supervisor texted me the next day saying she had found it when she went into the store! She brought it to my house before work.

A week ago my husband fell as he was going down the front steps. He wasn't able to get up by himself. (turns out that his ankle was broken) A wonderful young couple who we had never met were jogging by. They stopped to help him and got him into the house. We are senior citizens so there was no way I could have gotten him up off the ground. To add to this happy story the couple has checked with us several times to see that we are doing okay. They even brought us homemade bread for Easter. We are so thankful for these new friends. During this time of uncertainty there is much reason to be happy.

Our family has absolutely loved the extra time together. We have had more time for family meals, conversations and walks around the neighborhood pond. We’ve take time to enjoy nature - flowers and little ducklings, because we are not in a constant rush to get to the next commitment or activity. In the midst of all of the uncertainty, we have also come to treasure the gifts of health and family. Finally, we have learned more about God’s faithfulness and goodness as He continues to protect and bless our family and those dear to us.

Great opportunity!! During this time of social distancing my 4 grandchildren learned to ride a bicycle. Ages 6, 7 and 9. (I got to teach 3 of them). I also set up my sewing room to make 600 cloth face masks.

This is Helen Hutton, Executive Director with Baby Booties Diaper Bank a non-profit right here in downtown McKinney. We've been loving on and serving our neighbors throughout Collin County weekly since March 14 with COVID-19 emergency pop-ups. In those 5 weeks we've distributed over 31k diapers, 800 packs of baby wipes, 21k period products, 200 meal bags, 150 canisters of infant formula and 4 huge boxes of Easter candy to 750 vehicles. Since November 2013 BBDB has distributed 1.3 million diapers to North Texas babies in need.

I volunteer for a Nonprofit animal rescue Passport For Paws. Our group rescues animals in the local shelters of the DFW area and beyond. This relieves some pressure on the shelters. Our rescue then finds local fosters to take care of these animals, usually for two or more weeks depending upon any medical issues the dog or cat has. Once ready, we load them in a van and transport them to Minneapolis where our cousin rescue groups place them in foster care until they find a suitable person to adopt them into their forever homes. Last year, we saved over 1,000 lives doing this. Since its inception, we've saved over 2,500. But the cats and dogs are only part of what we save. They also save us. We derive multiple benefits psychologically, such as depression and loneliness, which are prevalent during our long periods of confinement from the virus.

We set out a box of sidewalk chalk for an only child that lives down the street and walks with parents in front of the house each day. She left us a cute thank you note. Have a grateful heart. Karee S

This past Saturday, volunteers from the New Jerusalem Church, located east of Hwy 5 in McKinney, distributed 100 food, personal hygiene and essential product bags, 63 gift cards, 200 diapers and 50 masks. New Jerusalem Church is a small congregation led by Pastors Myron and Deborah Bradford. Other than word of mouth, there was no advertising for this “neighbors helping neighbors” event. Pastor Deborah Bradford said they are “Happy to have the opportunity to serve and to minister to those in need.”

The John Abston Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is helping by making masks for area hospitals and local at-risk populations, ensuring support for McKinney’s residents and essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Citychurch McKinney (in partnership with McKinney ISD) are delivering 150 meals a day to children in McKinney. Extraordinary effort by Carol H.W. and her family and dedicated team of volunteers.

I rescued a puppy that looks like a miniature version of my Lab/Hound mix during week two of the shelter-in-place. A friend of mine found him wandering the streets of Tool, Texas and immediately thought he looked like my dog. John C.

While sheltering in place we have been enjoying the nature in our own backyard with Sammy the Squirrel, Mona the Monarch, Lizzie the Lizard, Robby the Robin, Woody the Woodpecker, and our favorite Phoebe the Eastern Phoebe. Phoebe recently tended to her nest and eggs. Her eggs have hatched, and she is visiting us frequently taking mealworms back to her nestlings. We are getting excited for her to bring the fledglings over for mealworms! Phoebe has brightened our days, and I have enjoyed sharing the joy with others online:

Be McKinney partnered with Dillas Quesadillas to send 100 meals to the healthcare workers at Baylor Scott and White in McKinney! #healthheroes  Through a separate community fundraiser we have put over $1,000 directly back into McKinney

My local mechanic shop Burdick Auto has done repairs on cars for people affected by economic hardship due to Covid-19. Earl Burdick is not the type to toot his own horn but he has done other things for the community in the past. He and his wife just wanted to pay it forward.Anne S.