Community Support Grants

Helping Public Service Thrive

In addition to CDBG funds, the City of McKinney allocates funds to public service agencies through Community Support Grants. Funding is available to non-profit community support agencies that provide activities, programs, and services to residents of McKinney. Organizations, which can be reasonably categorized under the heading of providing a public service that promotes the health, safety and welfare of McKinney residents may be eligible for funding.

The Community Support Grant (CSG) is competitive and provides the flexibility to apply for funding under the following priority of needs based on service impacts to the community, duplication of services from other agencies, other sources of agency funding and presentation critique. Funds for this grant come from the City of McKinney’s General Fund. All funding of Community Support organizations will occur during the budget process. Off-budget-cycle funding may be granted in the rare instance that additional funds become available during the grant cycle.

The minimum grant request an agency may make, per application, is $3,000. There is no maximum grant award amount. One agency may submit a maximum of two separate funding requests to fund two distinct and separate programs per grant cycle.

Grant priorities are as follows:

  • Basic Needs: including Food and clothing, Housing and Shelter, Non-financial Assistance.
  • Health and Medical Treatment: Including Mental Health
  • Housing: Financial Assistance
  • Transportation: The sole service being provided