Fire Marshal's Office

COVID-19 Operation Changes

In an effort to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the City of McKinney has adopted the following measures to protect our customers and employees.

All visitors ages 10 years and older must wear a face covering when visiting indoor facilities.

For more information, visit the COVID-19 page.

The FMO walk-up window is open.

  • The window has a plexiglass shield to protect against the transmission of COVID-19.
  • We strongly encourage submittals and payments online. 
  • Staff will continue to have virtual meetings with developers and contractors whenever possible.

How to conduct business online with the FMO:

Plan Submittals

ALARM COMPANIES - Effective June 22, 2020 

All new plan submittals must go through the Customer Self-Service Portal.  

For more information, please visit our CSS-Information page or contact us at


Submit electronic plan packages to

Plan submittal packages must include the following:

  • Construction Permit application
  • Bid sheets for project valuation verification (sprinkler and FARS only)
  • Plans in PDF format
  • All specifications and calculations related to the submittal
  • Any other pertinent documentation

Your submittal will be checked for accuracy within 24 hours (not including weekends). A permit technician will contact you via the email address from which the plans were submitted if any additional information is needed or as it is placed in the queue for review.

Once the plans are reviewed you will be contacted either by the plans examiner if the plans need more information for approval; or by the permit technician who will calculate the application and permit fees with instructions on how to pay via phone.

Once payment is complete, the permit tech will email the approved plans and permit. As normally required, plans and permits must be kept on-site and failure to comply will result in a failed inspection and ‘working without a permit’ fee of 2 times the permit fee. 

Inspection Requests

ALARM COMPANIES: For projects submitted after June 21, 2020 

All inspection requests must go through the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal. Projects submitted prior to this date must follow the process under "all other trades" below.

For more information, please visit our CSS-Information page or contact us at 

ALL OTHER TRADES may request an inspection through the following means:

The request must be made by the company the permit is issued to. 

Inspection requested by emails must include the following:

  • Fire permit number(s) [COM permit if a CO inspection]
  • Project name and address (including suite number)
  • Inspection type
  • Statement of passed pre-test
  • Phone number to confirm schedule date and time

Once the request has been received, the permit technician will call the number provided and finalize a date and time for your inspection. 

Please note that all applicable inspection fees will be assessed due to failed inspections, cancellations, no-shows, no permit on-site, etc. 

System Impairments

In accordance with State law, and to ensure the continued functionality of required fire protection systems, all red and yellow tagged system notices shall be submitted via email to


Construction Permit Application

Operational Permit Application

Variance Request - Vertical Construction

Variance Request - Code Deviation

Flow Test Application