Codes & Ordinances


Go to the 2017 - 2018 Code Adoption page for information on the current adopted codes.

For your convenience, some ordinance sections that may be of interest to you have been linked to the ordinance. Go to the links below to access the City of McKinney ordinance that pertains to your project. 

These links are not an exhaustive list, they merely represent some of the most commonly requested information and may give helpful information for your project preparation.

Ordinances concerning special regulations can be found in Section 146.

 Other ordinances that may be applicable to your project are below:

  • Chapter 58: Lighting and Glare Regulation
  • Chapter 122: Construction Regulations - In process of updates
    • Article II: Building Codes
    • Article III: Electrical Installations
    • Article IV: Fences
  • Chapter 70: Smoking
  • Chapter 134: Signs

View additional Ordinances.