Inspection Overview

Inspection requests for work done on permitted projects should be requested by the general contractor. The City of McKinney uses an automated voice response (IVR) system or CSS to schedule inspections. Any inspection requested before 3 p.m. will be scheduled for the following business day.

The city has created an inspection user guide to assist you with scheduling inspections. To download the guide, go to the Inspection User Guide link below. The pamphlet will guide you through the process and provide codes for all inspection types. When you are ready to request your inspection, be sure to have at hand a copy of your permit, which you received with your approved construction plans.

The final page(s) of your permit will list the required inspections for your project, whether it is commercial or residential. For your convenience, the inspection type codes will also be listed. For new home construction, see the Residential Builders Packet for more information about required inspections and inspection readiness points.

Inspection Cancelation Procedures

Cancelations can be requested over the automated IVR system by calling 972-547-7460 before 3 p.m. the day you call in the inspection. You can also cancel by calling the office at 972-547-7400. If it is after 8:30 a.m. on the morning of the inspection, please call your inspector directly or leave a  cancelation sign at the construction site, preferably visible from the street.

In the event of rain (before, after or during) on the day of inspection, any foundation, ground plumbing, flat work or pool inspections should be canceled. If the contractor does not call to cancel the inspection, a red tag will be issued if the site is deemed too wet by the inspector and a $47 re-inspection fee will be issued.

Inspection Guidelines

To determine if you are ready for your inspection, you can use the Residential Builders Packet. Look for the Readiness Points section in the last half of the packet. For commercial inspections, see the Commercial Builders Packet.