Operational Changes

Building Inspections - Effective April 2, City of McKinney Inspectors will not enter existing homes to conduct inspections. 

  • When we receive an inspection request for an existing home we will contact the homeowner and provide the option to defer inspection to a later date.
  • If the homeowner elects to have an inspection the contractor is required to be on site and use Face Time to conduct the inspection while the Inspector remains outside.
  • Questions? Contact our office at 972‐547‐7400.

All inspections must be scheduled through Citizen Self Service. View the “How to Schedule an Inspection Using CSS” video at

Keep Informed

City Council adopted the 2018 ICC building, electrical, fuel gas, energy, plumbing and residential codes as well as the 2017 NEC and NCTCOG amendments. The enforcement date is January 7, 2020. Find key changes to each code below by going to the 2018 Code Adoption page. 

Winter Storm Declaration

Winter Storm Declaration

Winter Storm Fee Waiver

HB 2439

To be in compliance with HB 2439, City Council has adopted a new procedure.

HB 853 Fee Changes

To be in compliance with HB 852, City Council has approved fee changes for single-family dwelling permits.

Re-roofing Requirements - Hail Storm Guides