Development Review

New Code McKinney

The City of McKinney is updating its development regulations, that will include Chapters 142 (Subdivision) and 146 (Zoning), and other chapters of the McKinney Code of Ordinances related to land development, most of which were originally adopted 37 or more years ago. The primary goals of the project are to update the regulations to make them clearer and more enforceable, and to implement the ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Draft Development Regulation Sections

The update process is split into three parts; Administration and Procedures, Zoning Districts and Uses, and Development Standards. The anticipated timeline and available drafts are shown below:

Short-Term Priority Amendments

As part of the New Code McKinney initiative (development regulation overhaul), city staff and the consultant team hosted a number of internal and external meetings, interviews, and discussions related to the existing development regulations in McKinney and presented a Code Assessment Report in early 2020. Based on the feedback received, the Code Assessment Report identified several immediate areas of opportunity where amendments to the existing could be made in the short-term to improve the clarity, flexibility, usability, and implementation of the Code of Ordinances. Most recently City Council has approved amendments to Vehicle Parking and Signs. The amendments became effective on March 16, 2021, and were reviewed at the following meetings:

We Need Your Help

As the update process unfolds, we’ll need to hear from you to keep McKinney’s unique nature intact. You’ll be able to voice your opinion through surveys, public meetings, and by providing comments on the proposed regulations.

Stay Current

Stay current with the most recent updates at You’ll find out about upcoming events, participate in surveys, and connect with us on social media or join the mailing list and let the updates come to you.

Additional Information and Ordinance Amendments

Chapter 146 (Zoning Ordinance) Amendments Related to Building Materials

Chapter 146 (Zoning Ordinance) Amendments Related to Processing of Plats and Plans

Chapter 142 (Subdivision Ordinance) Amendments Related to Processing of Plats and Plans

Letter to the Homeowners’ Associations Regarding Enforcement of Building Materials

Letter to the Development Community Regarding Changes in Process

For further questions, please contact the Planning Department at 972-547-2000.

Zoning Regulations

Subdivision Regulations

McKinney Town Center Zoning District (MTC)

Excerpt from Chapter 146 of the City of McKinney Code of Ordinances - Zoning Regulations


The Development Review Section’s duties primarily include the processing of development applications which include but are not limited to zonings, site plans and plats. These applications go before the Development Review Committee for a comprehensive review consisting of representatives from several departments in order to ensure conformance with our regulations. Items are then scheduled for the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council consideration by staff, as appropriate. Some of these items are reviewed and approved by staff and do not go before the Commission or City Council for consideration.