Planning Cases and Notices

Planning Case List

New Planning Cases go before the Development Review Committee (DRC) for a comprehensive review consisting of representatives from Planning, Engineering, Parks and the Fire Marshal’s office. Documents for each item including but not limited to plans and letters of intent, may be viewed via this list. Items are scheduled for Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council consideration by staff, as appropriate. This list is subject to change. Some of these items are reviewed and approved by staff and do not go before the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council for consideration.

Planning Case List:

For information on active cases please see our Planning Case Master List. 

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Annexation Cases:

Below are submitted cases being considered for voluntary annexation and the associated notice.  Submitted documents for these cases can be found in the Planning Case Master List.

ANNEX2020-0001 - Erwin Farms Phase 4

ANNEX2021-0003 - Wilson Tract