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Change that affects NOIs & SWPPPs
Wilson Creek (segment 0821C) and the East Fork Trinity River (segment 0821D) were recently added to the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) list and are now considered impaired waters for E. Coli. The listing is the result of a biannual water quality evaluation performed by TCEQ.

Do It Right - Clean Site flyer with information covering construction site responsibilities.

Preventing Construction Site Pollution

  • Minimize soil disturbance.
  • Have erosion and sediment control measures in place before excavation starts.
  • Choose appropriate erosion and sediment control measures to slow water speed and trap sediment.
  • Have and maintain a single stabilized access point to prevent tracking of sediment onto the road.
  • Surround soil stockpiles with a sediment fence.
  • Regularly inspect stormwater drains around the site to ensure they are free of pollution like litter, soil, building materials, etc.
  • Check and maintain erosion and sediment control measures daily before leaving the site and before rain.
  • Sweep and shovel all soil, earth, mud, clay and concrete waste from the roads and driveways, etc. daily and before rain.

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