Traffic Signals & Street Lights

Report Traffic Signal Malfunctions

To report a traffic signal outage or maintenance issue, call 972-547-7350. 

Streetlight Outages

Streetlights are maintained by the electric companies. Use the following links to report outages directly to the electric companies:

Requests for Traffic Signal Installation

Requests for installation of intersection controls may be submitted to the Engineering Department. A traffic study will be conducted to determine if an upgrade of traffic controls is warranted. The traffic study will include the measurement of traffic volumes into the intersection from all approaches, the analysis of the distribution of traffic throughout the day and gathering accident records for the intersection. If a traffic signal is determined to be justified, installation of a four-way stop may be considered as a temporary measure until funding for the traffic signal becomes available. (Traffic signals can cost more than $250,000 per intersection.)

For more information about traffic signals please call 972-547-7475.

About Traffic Signals

Traffic controls are intended to establish which vehicles have right-of-way, improve traffic flow and reduce intersection delays. Examples include yield signs, stop signs, traffic signals and turn prohibition signs. The Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (TMUTCD), a state-wide set of standards for traffic control devices, has very specific guidelines and criteria for the proper use and placement of intersection control.