Chief's Message

Chief Danny Kistner

A Message From Chief Danny Kistner

In Case of Emergency

First things first. If you are having an emergency now, call 9-1-1. If you

are not trying to report an emergency, read on.


The men and women of the McKinney Fire Department are proud to serve the citizens and visitors of McKinney. The goal of this website is to provide an easy-to-use link to the features, services, systems and information available within the McKinney Fire Department. Our website is updated regularly to provide you with current information.


To improve the effectiveness of the services we provide, the McKinney Fire Department is segmented into four branches. They include:

  • Administration Branch
  • Operations Branch
  • Fire Prevention Branch
  • Emergency Management Branch

The term "branch" is related to the application of the National Incident Management System to your fire department's service components.

Serving You

We hope to include most of the information you need for in an easily accessible electronic format, which is this website. We understand that in some instances talking with a staff member is a better way to access the services you need or to have specific questions answered. We are here to serve you using the method best suited to your needs Our goal is to serve you and we hope this website meets your needs.