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National Pollinator Week: A Celebration

In honor of National Pollinator Week, we created Adopt-a-Plant. Residents register to adopt a pollinator-friendly plant for placement in their yards in order to improve the migration corridor for Monarch and other butterflies.

One hundred forty plants were available for our first round of adoptions.

2020 Plant Adoption Distribution by Zip Code

  • 75069 - 17
  • 75070 - 27
  • 75071 - 41
  • 75072 - 56

Thanks to all of you, we can look forward to seeing butterflies and other pollinators in the coming months. 

Key months for the Monarch migration are September, October and early November.

Questions? Email or call 972-547-7335.

McKinney ADOPT a Plant Map

2020 Pollinator Plant: Gregg’s Blue Mistflower


Blue Mistflower blooms late summer to early fall. It serves as a crucial source of nectar fuel for fall butterfly migrations.

Blue Mistflower Plant Facts:

  • It’s a favorite nectar source for Monarchs, Queens, Swallowtails, and many other butterflies. 
  • Grows to a height of 1-3 feet with a 2-foot spread.
  • Mistflowers spread by self-seeding and sending out shoots (rhizomes). Plant with lots of room to grow or nestle into a container.
  • Blooms reliably and prolifically from spring until the first frost when they die to the ground. When spring returns, the Mistflower bounces right back, usually bigger and better than before.  
  • The plant can handle our clay soil and does best in full sun, but will happily bloom in dappled shade as well. 
  • The bitter-tasting foliage means rabbits prefer to snack on something else.
  • The Mistflower is fairly self-sufficient requiring water only until it is established.