Projects Overview

The East McKinney Redevelopment and Preservation (EMRP) projects will preserve and revitalize McKinney east of State Highway 5 with infrastructure improvements, new and enhanced public facilities, and the expansion of business development and redevelopment opportunities.


Construction Projects Map

The EMRP area is bounded on the north by Seneca Street, on the west by Airport Drive, on the south by Anthony Street, and on the west by S.H. 5 (McDonald Street).

Map of East McKinney Redevelopment Area

Construction Projects Map Key

Studies / Projects

  1. Mobility & Alignment Study
    Neighborhood Preservation Study
  2. Municipal City Complex
  3. Old Settler's Master Plan
  4. TUPPS Brewery


  1. S.H. 5 | TxDOT Project
  2. Virginia & Lamar Streets
  3. East Louisiana Street
  4. Green & Andrews Streets
  5. East Louisiana Public Parking Lot


Goals and Strategies

The overall vision for these projects began with public input during the Town Center Study in 2006-2007, which was part of the 2004 comprehensive plan and incorporated into our current One McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

  • As a city, we believe the existing neighborhoods are vital to a thriving future for the area.
  • Old Settler's Park is a valuable amenity for the area and should be developed to make it more attractive to residents.
  • Public infrastructure in this area is among the oldest in McKinney and needs repair or rehabilitation to support residents and businesses.
  • Any redevelopment or new construction should be balanced with preserving existing neighborhoods in the area, both in terms of use and scale.



Public Engagement Principles

Whether we’re letting our residents know about plans to create a new park, looking for feedback on a transportation project or new facility, or seeking input on a policy update, we are committed to meaningful engagement with our residents. These principles are the foundation for the city’s engagement initiatives and strategies and are the most effective way to build trust and demonstrate our commitment to the community.

GP_1_60PXInclusion and mutual respect
Ensure public notice and engagement is based on building trust and seeking to involve all stakeholders and range of perspectives, with-out predetermined outcomes.
GP_2_60PXEarly involvement and timely communication
Communicate as early as possible in the engagement process, provide regular updates, and ensure timely information that supports stakeholder participation.
GP_3_60PXFiscally sustainable
Ensure methods and resources for public notice and engagement reflect the magnitude, complexity, and costs to the extent possible for each initiative.
GP_4_60PXTransparent and accountable
Share information and provide feedback about how community input was considered and/or integrated.
GP_5_60PXClear and accessible communication
Use plain language and a wide range of tools and techniques for communicating and engaging with stakeholders.
GP_6_60PXOpen, two-way communication
Work with stakeholders in a cooperative and collaborative way to share information and provide opportunities for constructive dialogue.
GP_7_60PXContinuous improvement
Review process and seek better ways of engaging the community and provide efficient and effective public notice and engagement processes.