TUPPS Brewery Project

In July 2020, TUPPS Brewery announced it will relocate and expand its campus to the historic Mill District of downtown McKinney. The campus will include a tasting taproom in the original grain milling building, a state-of-the-art production facility, retail shopping featuring local craftsmen, and an entertainment venue. The McKinney Community Development Corporation (MCDC) and the McKinney Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) are contributing to the project.

How will this project benefit the city?

MCDC works in partnership with businesses to promote and fund cultural and economic development projects that maintain and enhance McKinney's quality of life. The TUPPS Brewery relocation and expansion project is an example of great things that come from collaboration and public-private cooperative efforts.

Strategic priorities for project opportunities identified by MCDC include:

  • Downtown Historic Cultural District and East McKinney redevelopment.
  • Projects that create destination retail / dining / entertainment.

The value of the TUPPS project, which will rehabilitate and revitalize the former McKinney Grain property, will:

  • Serve as a catalyst for redevelopment on the east side of the city.
  • Create a world-class cultural and entertainment destination for residents and visitors.
  • Facilitate the growth and expansion of TUPPS Brewery.

What incentives were offered to TUPPS Brewery?

MCDC approved a grant for $11,333,262 to invest in the construction of the facilities. According to the agreement, TUPPS Brewery will be a tenant on the MCDC-owned property, paying rent and a percentage of gross sales for 30 years with a right to purchase the land and building improvements. The payments will allow MCDC to recoup the grant funds invested.

MEDC contributed approximately $600,000 in incentives for the expansion of manufacturing equipment at the new site.

During the lease term, the landlord (MCDC) will have standard commercial remedies available in the event of default by TUPPS Brewery. TUPPS Brewery also has the financial responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the property for the 30-year period.

Is TUPPS Brewery getting this land for free?

TUPPS Brewery will have a lease with MCDC that allows for the development and operation of the business / project. After the lease period, the buildings and improvements remain the property of the MCDC unless TUPPS exercises its option to purchase the buildings and improvements.

What is the timeline for this project?

The project is expected to break ground in the first quarter of 2021 and be fully completed by the third quarter of 2022.