Deferred Disposition


Deferred Disposition is a type of probation that can dismiss your citation if you meet certain criteria. You will be on probation up to 180 days, depending on the kind of violation.


When you successfully complete deferred disposition, there is no final conviction and the complaint may not be used against you for any purpose. A conviction will not be reported.


You must answer the following questions to determine if you qualify for deferred disposition:

  • Do you have a valid driver’s license?
  • Was there an accident involved at the time you received your citation?
  • Are you now on deferred disposition for a citation anywhere?
  • Have you been placed on deferred disposition within the 12 months preceding the date of this citation?

Your answers will determine whether you are eligible for deferred disposition; if you are under 25 you will be required to take a driver safety course as a condition of deferred disposition. If you qualify, you will be required to pay a special expense fee and court costs at the time of the application. Deferred disposition is a way of having your citation dismissed after satisfactory completion of the probationary period in which no additional convictions are received and all requirements imposed in the deferred order are satisfied.

If your case is eligible, you may apply and submit documents through the McKinney Municipal Court Portal

Please note: the portal will open to the search violations page. Enter in your information to discover your options.


  • You were charged with going 25 miles or more over the speed limit.
  • You are charged with a violation in a construction or maintenance work zone when workers are present.
  • You hold a commercial driver’s license or held one at the time you were cited for the offense.
  • You have successfully completed deferred disposition in the last 12 months.