Outdoor Warning Siren System

Notice: Outdoor Warning Siren  16 at Fox Ridge Lane and Windy Ridge Drive  is temporarily out of service.

  • McKinney's Outdoor Warning Siren (OWS) system is designed to notify residents and visitors who are outdoors of potential hazards, weather and other emergencies. 
  • The system is maintained by the McKinney Office of Emergency Management and comprises 28 sirens strategically located throughout the city to sound alerts.
    Siren Location Map PDF 5 MB
  • When you hear the sirens, move indoors, seek more information and monitor TV, radio or other media for necessary actions.

OWS System Activation CriteriaEarly Warning SirensWeb.jpg

  • When a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued by the NWS predicting hazardous conditions such as large hail (1 ½ inches or greater based on storm history and trained spotter verification), destructive winds (70 mph or higher), or other hazards requiring immediate protective actions in order to save lives and property.
  • When a tornado warning has been issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for Collin County naming McKinney in the path.
  • When a tornado has been sighted and confirmed in McKinney or is in close proximity to the city.
  • When a chemical spill / release presents public exposure and potential harm.
  • When a state or national emergency is declared by the governor or president.
  • When appropriate for other emergencies.
  • The first Saturday of each month at noon for testing, weather permitting.
  • Siren Location Map PDF 5 MB


The city has never used an all-clear as part of its warning process and will not sound the sirens to indicate an all-clear. By monitoring the situation, you can make informed decisions and know when it is safe to leave your designated safe room.


Siren Activation Report

  • This report does not provide real-time weather updates, and should not be used to make decisions about taking shelter or other protective measures. 
  • For up-to-date weather information, please stay tuned to the local news media (TV, radio) and/or official communications from the National Weather Service.