Business Planning

Business Planning

Businesses are also affected by disasters and costs can quickly add up if they are not able to provide their goods and services as usual. Planning now can help keep businesses and their employees in McKinney up and running and back to work much faster. Any organization can be better prepared if it plans carefully, puts emergency procedures in place and practices for emergencies and disasters of all kinds.

Ready Business, a platform from FEMA, provides a very good planning tool for business continuity and crisis management. For business planning to be effective, it needs to take all hazards into account. Organizations should plan to stay in business, talk to their people and protect their investment.

 Plan to Stay in Business

Plan to stay in business by using common sense along with available resources to take care of yourself, your coworkers and your business.

  • Be informed about what kind of hazards your business faces
  • Assess your business and the functions it serves
  • Keep employees and co-workers at the forefront of planning. You cannot run a business without anyone to work
  • Think about survival supplies like food, water and clean air
  • Consider sheltering-in-place and evacuation procedures
  • Learn about fire safety and preparedness
  • Receive training to respond to medical emergencies
  • Be prepared for the seasonal flu, as well as a pandemic influenza event

Involve Employees at all Levels in Emergency Preparedness

  • Practice plans, drills and exercises
  • Promote preparedness to employees for home and work
  • Plan for communication practices externally and internally
  • Discuss health plans and needs before and after a disaster

Protect Your Investment to Preserve Your Company & Secure Physical Assets

  • Review and update insurance policies
  • Prepare for utility disruptions and outages, and plan for alternate sources
  • Protect your facilities and buildings
  • Conduct walk-throughs to account for equipment and supplies
  • Assess your air protection and ways to improve air quality
  • Protect important data and technological infrastructure

More information and publications can be found at the FEMA Ready Business website.